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Get It Done!

I love people who gets the job done, leaders who don’t need lots of detail to get it and execute the duties and

the task completed. Leaders who are creative and great finishers, leaders that can take a project across the

finish line.

Great Leaders are Great finishers!

When it comes to select staff leaders, or servants in other areas of the church family, no other characteristic is

more important than someone who can finish. A person that does not leave projects halve way done or too

many projects and nothing accomplished.

There are many who can come up with a new idea, a new concept, a new “cool” word, a new organization,

or a new perspective, but is not able to land those ideas into action it is a bit overrated in the leadership


What ultimately matters is whether you can take an idea from concept to completion. This is the secret sauce.

The differentiator. And to do that, you have to be a finisher.

I do understand that in every team you have all kinds of gifting’s and skills, nevertheless you have to have

finishers on your team. The folks who are intrinsically wired to make things happen, and bulldog their way to

the finish line. Individuals that find joy in finishing tasks and are people oriented, individuals that understand

that the task is very important but people are of greater importance, leaders that are able to path the way of

uncharted fields and make highways for others to accomplished dreams, vision and tasks.

I rejoice about every single member of my team and at the same time I am intentional that we as a team are

able to see opportunities to get things done, execute instructions and always pay attention to needs of others;

needs can be spiritual, physical, emotional and relational. We go the extra mile to resolve the conflicts with

love and meekness and at the same time not to lose perspective of our goals as a church and as a family.

All are called to execute in their roles, the ability to get things done at the dimension of the call in their lives.

Wed all as a church family are called to get things accomplished and finish our race. All have to be able to get

it done, to make it happen. Now some have to execute more than others, but no one can only be the “idea”

person. Everyone is required to execute and own projects from start to finish. It’s a non-negotiable.

Be a finisher!

Be a leader that completes the task!

Be a disciple that does all that is necessary to exalt Jesus and His church.

With Love

Pastor Isaac Tellez

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